Corporate Members

Mining Co-locations

BitBros is a provider of hosting solutions as well as education and outreach pertaining to mining and blockchain. Our first facility is located in North Alabama.

Ero Crypto Mining provides mining of various types of crypto currencies with mining centers in Miami, FL, Canada, Ukraine nd Venezuela. We have various types of partnership available and can also assist with supplies, hosting collocation and consulting.

Vulcan Mines is a provider of turnkey mining solutions, from consulting to colocation and hosting. Our first facility is located in Montana and is powered by 100% renewable hydroelectric sources.

Equipment & Hosting Placement Brokers

Scott Offord ASIC Mining Equipment Consultant

I buy and sell ASIC miners (new and used).

I’m open to opportunities in the cryptocurrency mining industry. If you are an ASIC mining equipment manufacturer that would like help getting exposure for your new ASIC miner or assistance in managing overseas sales, please contact me.

Kaboom! We’re the hottest place to buy/sell miners and much more! Contact me over telegram at @kaboomracksceo

Mining Facility Buildout Consultants

Blockchain Consultants is a cryptocurrency mining company focused on providing turnkey mining facilities and mining parks to investors.


Financial Consultants & Investments

TB Sunridge

Registered Investment Advisor for Digital Assets

As an early adopter in digital assets and a registered investment advisor, we offer our clients access to traditional securities and now digital assets via a US regulatory framework of custodians and investment advisors.

TB Sunridge Advisors partners combine in aggregate over 45 years of investing and portfolio management experience, to customize and potentially enhance traditional benchmark exposure according to our client’s individual goals.

Bitcoin Taxfree Investments

BitvestIRA is one of the only companies approved to offer Bitcoin IRAs. We can guide you through the process of adding Bitcoin to your IRA/401K and show you how to purchase Bitcoin at a 20% discount.

Mining Pools provides a first-in-class, transparent, and comprehensive mining pool for  ETHETCZcashBTCBCH works with major industrial miners on North America market . We provide a high level of service and support, improve the software based on your needs.

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